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  • Rhoda Scott

    An evening with "The Barefoot Lady"

    « A great, a very great virtuoso », Arthur Rubinstein

  • Rhoda Scott

    Lady Quartet

    A swinging ladies’ quartet.

  • Bach to Jazz

    Pipe organ & Hammond organ

    A fabulous journey from classic to jazz organ and improvisations.

  • Hammond Organ Jams

    Inspired by the American “organ battles”, several Hammond organists give the best of themselves.

  • Hammondeon

    Hammond Organ & Accordion

    A bright, mixed and rhythmic music. The encounter of 2 mythic instruments.

  • Singer

    Hammond Organ & Vocal

    A very intimate trio combo.

  • Jazz n' Spirituals

    Hammond Organ & Trumpet

    A pure spiritual and swinging experience.

  • Organic Jungle

    Hammond Organ

    A 100% groove, feelings, emotion and melodic music. From Jazz Trio to Septet.

  • Master Classes

    Hammond organ, Jazz and Gospels, Improvisation

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